FAQ: Pools

- What are WhoseBill pools?

A WhoseBill pool is an easy way to combine or "pool" all the debts between a group of people for a particular purpose. For example, you might have a long-running pool for your rented flat to track who has paid for what and who should pay next. Or you might create a pool for a group holiday to make paying for flights, hotels and meals easy, and letting you settle up in one click at the end.

Pools are extremely powerful and take all of the debts between all the people involved and combine them to give each person a single position made up of the money that they owe the pool, and the money that the pool owes them. This means that it doesn't matter who pays for things, so long as that over time, everyone pays for the amount they owe.

If a pool becomes too imbalanced because some people have paid for much more than their fair share, and others haven't paid enough, or if the pool is finished, for example at the end of a group holiday, you can choose to settle up the pool. This works out the most efficient set of payments needed between the members of the pool to make sure that everyone has paid exactly the right amount, and move all the positions back to zero again.