FAQ: Pools

- What happens when a bill in a pool involves someone not in the pool?

If a bill is placed in a pool, but involves someone who is not a member of the pool, then the debts involving that person will be offset directly with the other people. However, any other debts between between the people involved who are members of the pool will continue to be offset in the pool as normal.

This allows you continue getting the benefit of pool offsetting whilst allowing the for the flexibility other people occasionally being involved. For example, if a friend stays with you for a short time in a flat you rent with others, you might want to make them responsible for part of the shopping or utility bills. You don't need to add them to the pool, as their debts will simply be direct to the other individuals involved. Alternatively, if they were going to be living with you for a while, you could choose to add them to the pool, and then make them "inactive" when they leave.