FAQ: Access

- Does WhoseBill work in my currency?

WhoseBill has been designed to work with all the major currencies, and allows you to select a preferred currency on registration, or to change it in your profile.

You can enter bills in any of the available currencies, and WhoseBill will automatically convert anything that is not in your preferred currency at the current market rates. This means you can enter bills when you are abroad in the currency in which they occurred, and when you get back home, WhoseBill will show you exactly what you owe or are owed in your own currency.

If there are debts in multiple currencies between you and a friend or pool, we'll also show you how in breaks down across the different currencies, and each debt will show its amount in its original currency and the converted amount. Please note that as the market currency rates fluxuate, the amount you owed or are owed may vary slightly if there are debts in other currencies.